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I'm Anna, I currently live on the border of  Leeds and Bradford, although I have lived in Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Huddersfield, so you could say that I am doing a tour of my beloved Yorkshire. I love baking with my two little children, but also sneak the occasional lone baking session so I get all the leftover mixture to myself!  




When I first got into photography I planned to go into forensics and photograph dead bodies. 


I once filled in a form and my 'w' looked like an 'n'. For several years later I received letters addressed to A.Nood.


I really don't like cartoon/film hybrid movies. Mary Poppins, has to be fast-forwarded when the characters suddenly became cartoons. 

My biggest inspiration is my beautiful Grandma who never let having one hand instead of two be a barrier to achieving anything.



I am a lifelong fan of Heinz tomato ketchupmy mother-in-law even bought me a catering size bottle as a surprise on my wedding day. It has to be Heinz and I reckon I could tell blindfolded whether a sample is the real deal or not. I love Heinz ketchup like Kel loves orange soda. 


Life in our house is busy, fun and relaxed - a lot like my photography! As such, I have become a keen lover of odd socks and haven't worn matching ones for quite some time. The truth is that I'd rather create than pair socks (much to my mother's despair!). 



The TV series 'Friends' is my favourite show ever! and I finally visited New York for the first time in November 2017 so I could run in Central Park like Pheobe Buffay (I have video evidence should you like to see it).  She is my favourite character -  she has definitely taught me that it's okay to be different



I love musicals and singing (badly), visiting the seaside and I have made sure tea and cake are an integral part of my life and business. 



We have a rescue dog called Skye. She is a complete mixed breed but we like to call her “lab-collie-whip-staff!” She is 13 and has a charmed life, surviving multiple chocolate consumptions and there was a very memorable Christmas where she at the tinsel! 




Wedding photography was not my childhood dream career. I'm a bit of a dreamer and could never focus on what I wanted to do (what if I made the wrong choice?). A friend offered me money to shoot her wedding in 2011 and being a poor student at the time I said yes! I loved it (especially the look on her face when she saw her photos) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the atmosphere at weddings and the unique challenge that is photographing an ever-changing, exciting and once-in-a-lifetime event. 




My photography style is happy and relaxed, with a dash of romance! I love telling the story of a wedding day through beautiful photographs full of raw emotion and all those little moments that you can never plan for. I love photographing the day as it unfolds and I keep posing to a minimum - although I add in lots of fun and banter when needed! I’m never afraid to laugh at myself or act the clown to get the results I need. I am friendly and bubbly and always promise to add to the fun rather than boss you around on your wedding day!


I love looking through old photographs. I was a bit of a history buff at school and adore looking at photographs of families and people from the past. One of my favourite photos is this one of my Grandparents. Taken on Whitby Beach in the 1940s it makes me smile everytime I see it as they look so young and full of life. These are the kind of photos I get so excited to capture on a wedding day. Imagine your grandchildren looking back at your wedding photographs and seeing how much fun their grandparents are having!

If you think I’m the photographer for you, or want to find out more, please get in touch via the contact form. I cover weddings all over Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester.






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