I had to include these beautiful flowers and gold details from a styled shoot I attended last year. Having a colour such as 'gold' running throughout a wedding is a great option. Gold can look great with pretty much any colour. It can be complimented with cream and looks very classy and colourful.



This pretty, rustic wedding, had a lovely blue as its base colour. The colour just appeared every so often elsewhere in the wedding alongside other pastel shades. The combo worked really well and meant the blue didn't have to match exactly to look fantastic.


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If you are thinking of ideas for a colour scheme for your wedding, have a look at a few of the colour schemes my recent clients have used. There are so many options available at the moment and a colour scheme is often no longer just one colour, but a group of colours, or even a 'season'.


I loved this rainbow themed wedding (full blog post here). The colours were so bright and refreshing. Megan and Will managed to find lots of ways to add the colours into their day including lanterns, ribbons and flowers. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all had different colours which worked really well. 


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Steve and Heather chose an easy to match dark blue as their main colour. They then used wildflowers to add other colours in, which looked beautiful. 



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Hannah and Andy also opted for wildflowers. Hannah's bridesmaids wore a mixture of pastel colours rather than all wearing the same colour. The results were bright and fresh. The wildflowers, rustic elements and pastel shades styled the day beautifully.

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Lois chose a multicoloured bridesmaid dress which looked so beautiful on her bridesmaids. The added bonus of this was that the dresses could definitely be worn again. Lois loved purple and orange and had elements of both subtly appearing in different parts of the day. She had a purple underskirt and Matt wore a purple tie. Their cake and flowers had orange in. if you have a favourite colour, don't be afraid to use it.

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