Lois and Matt were just a pleasure from start to finish. Their wedding was bright and colourful and the weather was just perfect. Lois and her bridesmaids got ready in the beautiful village of Meltham. We took advantage of the scenery by taking a few portraits of Lois on the road outside. They were married at Holy Trinity Huddersfield and then their reception was around the corner at Huddersfield Ukranian Club. This venue started hosting weddings several years ago, and this was my third wedding there - I will be returning again next year! The brilliant thing about the venue is that they are happy for you to really make it your own. You have the place to yourself and the gardens really are a little oasis. 


Holy Trinity Huddersfield is such a warm and friendly church. It has beautiful features, and is just across the road from the stunning Greenhead Park. It is only used for a few weddings every year, which is such a shame because it is such a lovely place. Matt and Lois had planned their ceremony to reflect their love for each other, and their love of God. Lois' brother spoke and we enjoyed some brilliant worship music from a fantastic band from their church, The Ark. 


Matt is a local boy, whilst Lois is from Ireland. Her family are some of the warmest people I have ever met, and made me feel like part of the family instantly. It made my job really easy as they provided natural laughter and smiles throughout. 


All in all it was an amazing day. For me, the colour, laughter and love of this wedding made it one of the most enjoyable yet. Thank you so much for having me, Matt and Lois.