Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips and info if you find you need to rearrange your day:

1. Do you definitely need to rearrange? 

As you can imagine, I have had a mixed response from my couples with their views on rearrangement. One couple changed their date early as they have a family member with severe asthma and didn't want the stress of worrying if they would be able to have her at the wedding this July. Others have been told by their venue or registrar that the wedding can't go ahead, which has forced them to change plans. However, I have one couple who have gone with an option that I love because it works pretty well for everyone involved. They have confirmed a new date next year, but have also asked me to keep their original date open in case the wedding can go ahead. With the wedding still a couple of months away, and no-one knowing where we will be at that point, I like the flexibility of this decision. 

2. Can your plans be adapted to fit a date later in the year or early 2021?

If you are planning a wedding in a field with summer sun and garden games, it might be difficult to consider a winter option. But, if your plans involve a venue that would work for any season, it might be worth considering a move to a winter wedding. Winter weddings have a charm and magic of their own. They are cosy and romantic (think warm fires, mulled wine, fur wraps). A major advantage is that there is generally less demand, so all your favourite suppliers (that you've booked because you love what they do) are more likely to be available. This means potentially much less work for you in finding new suppliers and vendors. It also means not having to wait as long to tie the knot and having something to look forward to. 

3. Does your venue have a date available the same weekend as your current date but next year?

Another simple way to switch is to look if the equivalent date next year is available. This would mean all your plans can stay the same and but happen in 2021 instead of 2020. I think this makes it really easy for guests and yourselves to change your mindset. Any clothes will still work, the flowers can be the same, the venue will still be perfect. Every supplier is different, but my couples tend to book around a year in advance, which means I still have a lot of dates available for summer 2021. Now is a great time to make sure you have everything switched before the new dates get snapped up. If they don't, it's not the end of the world. You have plenty of time to adapt plans and work to a new season - don't panic!

4. What order do I rearrange it all in? 

I would recommend starting with the venue and seeing what they have available. I know a few venues are working on a date system, where each couple are given a date when they can expect the venue to be in contact and advise them of what is available. If this is the case with your venue, it might be worthwhile letting your suppliers know when this will be. Once you have your venue dates, why not start by looking at the suppliers who actually need to be there on the day - hair/make-up, caterer, photographer etc. If it's feeling overwhelming, you could always pop all the possible dates in a doodle poll and send it to your suppliers and see which are going to work best. 

5. What happens if one of our suppliers can't make the new date? 

This is a really difficult one to answer because ultimately it's between you and your suppliers. I would imagine each supplier has its own plan of action for this scenario so you'll need to speak to them. So far I have had 8 weddings rearrange and I am available for all the dates and I am really thankful to all of my couples for keeping me in the loop throughout the change in plans. What I can say is that this really is an awful situation and one which I do not intend to profit from. Ultimately there are a few options if I can't be there - please get in touch to discuss further.

6. Do we need to send new invitations? 

I would say this is unnecessary if it's just a change in date. If you hired a stationer or graphic designer have a look if they are offering digital 'change of date' cards. These usually incorporate your original design and are sent in a jpeg format which can then be emailed to all your friends and family. If not, why not make your own? Any of my couples who are struggling with this can feel free to email me and I can whip something up for you. I didn't spend all my 20's glued to photoshop for no reason ;-).