Lisa and Dom met a few years ago whilst camping in a field in Rippon, North Yorkshire. They're both from the Lindley area of Huddersfield and some months after returning home their relationship blossomed. Dom proposed whilst they were out walking, and Lisa said an instant 'yes'. They were married at one of the most special places to them – their church near Lindley– the place where they have served and worshipped together throughout their relationship. They spent lots of time finding unique ways to make the day their own and it really was a beautiful day.  


Lisa is one of the most talented people I have ever met. She has recorded and released her own EP and is an extremely talented seamstress. She is so talented, she made her own wedding dress! The delicate lace accompanied the fishtail cut perfectly. The bridesmaids' dresses, made by Lisa and her mum, were a beautiful shade of olive green, which was matched by the decorations both at the church and venue. It was very much a homemade and handcrafted wedding. 


Details aside, the perfection of this wedding was truly down to the people at the centre of it. Lisa and Dom share a love and bond which is truly unique. Their wedding was full of emotion and the true joy that marked the beginning of their lives together. Thank you, Lisa and Dom for the honour of photographing your day.