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Hello! So I guess you're here because you're expecting? Congratulations! I've had two babies and my biggest regret is not having either of my pregnancies or newborns photographed (the first because I didn't manage to book in time and the second because we had a disastrous house move just before she was due!). It's such a precious and unique time of life which goes far too fast for my liking (except when your 8.5 months pregnant and feel like you've been pregnant for 17 years...). I don't do staged froggy poses or endless props, instead I want to capture who your story in your own home or a special place to you. 

What happens during a maternity session? 

Each session is unique. We can head outdoors and capture some shots of you looking radiant in nature, or stay indoors and capture photos of you in your home, or do a bit of both. As long as there is some nice window light, we can create something beautiful. We will spend an hour or so hanging out, with you just laughing and enjoying being you. I might ask you to sit in a certain place, but we won't be doing endless posing. Your partner and any other children/pets are actively encouraged to be a part of it too. We will do a little posing, but also lots of lovely natural unstaged images too. 

What happens during a newborn session? 

Newborn sessions are best done in the first couple of weeks when baby is still all curled up and (hopefully) sleepy. I concentrate on getting photos of the little one in his/her cot/nursery and also lots with mummy and daddy (and siblings/pets if required). We can stay at home with the familiar smells and noises and just use small areas of the house. We don't need to rush - so don't worry if baby isn't settling well, I've been there and I understand. There are lots of images below showing what you can expect (BIG thanks to Stella and her mummy and daddy for letting me share so much of their session). 



how much?



Per session

Available 7 days a week

1-2 hour photoshoot at a location of your choice

Private online viewing gallery

20+ photographs beautifully edited in my style

You can download, print and share the images with family and friends

Every portrait session requires a £50 deposit, and the remaining balance is due 3 days before the session. Additional travel costs may apply if the location is further than 10 miles from BD4.