What can I possibly say about this wedding that would properly sum up how awesome it was? It was just amazing. From the moment Lizzie and I first spoke over Skype, I felt like we had been friends for life and that has just continued since. Lizzie sent me a message the day after the wedding which said 'Me and Steve both just wanted to say how much we loved having you yesterday - it truly was just like hanging out with a friend.' Now that is the highest praise I could ever hope for: to feel like I am just part of the wedding completely.


Lizzie and Steve's wedding plans completely blew me away. Everything was just SO THEM. Lizzie had her hair done in her usual hair salon, Holben Hair, and then quickly got ready at home before racing up and over the valley to Mold Registry Office (yes, she drove herself!). Afterwards, they went back to Llangollen to their friends' wine bar for some scrummy lunch and then hopped on a vintage train at Llangollen station. At Carrog Station we did a few quick group photos and then they walked up to the local village hall, where the rest of their guests were waiting. They did another short ceremony with their own vows and then everyone enjoyed some gorgeous pizza and dancing. 

I explained early on in the wedding my rules for wedding photography, which include rule 1 - do not die. This was especially important to mention as we spent lots of time walking on roads, next to train tracks, near livestock and, as my late father in law used to say, 'Safety never sleeps.' The day then consisted of many, many shouts of 'Rule 1!!' which was very funny. An amazing last minute addition to the wedding was a packet of humble clothes pegs. Lizzie put them out on a table with no explanation, and her guests were the most amazing sports and a spontaneous game of 'pegging' ensued. The bride was pegged, the groom was pegged, I was pegged. I'm pretty sure everyone was pegged! Within a few hours, the game had progressed to pegging random items to people and it took Steve a while to notice he had a long string and paper pompom attached to him! Honestly, it was all just so much fun and I wish we could do it all again. 

Here's what Lizzie and Steve had to say about them and their plans:


How did you meet?

We met on a weightlifting website, where you could log your training and chat to -Steve was impressed because my deadlift was better than his - we started chatting and never really stopped!  He lived about 5 hours drive from me so after a few months, I went to see him and we hung out, watched Star Wars and ate pizza.

Describe the proposal:
We had gone on holiday for a few days after a rough year, having picked Copenhagen because we both like the idea of it, and they had good beer. It was red nose cold in early December and we were wandering around the most magical place -the Tivoli Gardens, which closes in November, and reopened just before we arrived, having been Christmas-ifiedit, full of lights and wonder. We wandered around for a bit, got some Glogg and wandered down a little quiet path down by the lake underneath a weeping willow that was completely lit up with fairy lights - and he got down on one knee and proposed. A bit later we walked past a tree with loads of lit up dangling hearts and he said 'I can’t believe I couldn’t hold out for that' - he’d been trying to find the most romantic part, haha!

What is your favourite and / or special thing about your venue?
We drive this way a lot (to wave hi to the Llamas guarding the lambs) and we just loved that we could do our own thing, and get the train up and still be only 15 minutes from our own bed! Also, Carrog is such a pretty little village - we were both sure that we didn’t want  a conveyor belt hotel wedding and we spent all our money buying a house so a big luxury barn was out of the question, so we went with somewhere sweet and local to us where we could put our own stamp on things. 

Any details of note about your big day? For example, any DIY decor you've made, if your wedding has a 'theme', a special first dance:
The wedding is entirely DIY, using small and if possible local businesses, as well as some second hand bits and bobs. My mum is doing the flowers (a lot of which she has grown herself) . The wood rounds were free from our local wood man (they can get recycled as there is another bride who can have them!). I’ll have needle felted a little zoo of animals for the tables and mum and dad will have made the bunting. The wine is supplied through friends who run the wine bar, and we have a keg of beer through friends who run a beer shop.  It’s Star Wars day, and so you might spot couple of subtle nods to that as well! I drew the invitations and all the other artworky things in the venue.
If the weather is nice we may have some outdoor games - a friend who runs the local leisure centre is bringing rounders bats...

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding (apart from getting married!)?
Having all the people I love around me - cliche but true. It’s a lovely excuse for a happy party.


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