Jerome and Emily are due to get married next month in Sheffield, but as they both live and work in London, we decided to do their engagement shoot there. I LOVE London and will find any excuse to go and visit, so I was super excited when prepping for this shoot. Those of you who follow my work regularly will know that I love colour and texture. Up here in Yorkshire, most of the colours I find are in the countryside and coastlines - so it was lovely to be able to find some new urban places to be creative in. We started the shoot off in Neil's Yard, Covent Garden and found some cool painted walls and a cute little cafe. We then jumped on the tube and headed to Notting Hill. I had seen online pictures of the pastel coloured streets and was so pleased them Jerome and Emily agreed to head there with me. The streets were even more stunning in real life and we were able to get some really colourful images. I looked up afterwards how much houses on this street cost - you may be interested to know that they are worth in excess of £3,000,000. You can, however, get a 2 meter by 2 meter storage room nearby for £56,000 - you can buy a whole house in Yorkshire for that! 


We then headed to a local park to get some more photographs amongst the blossom and greenery. We even managed to find a few bluebells.  The park was full of very tame squirrels, which at one point nearly ended up in the photographs! Jerome and Emily were really great sports throughout and I'm very excited for their wedding. 


Thank you so much, Jerome and Emily, for humouring this Yorkshire girl in the big city, I had an amazing afternoon with you both.