It was a shoot that should have been a disaster. There was nowhere to park near Lisa and Dom's soon to be marital home, so I had to park a good 5 minute walk away. When I got to their house, which they are renovating, Dom was busily trying to get the central heating back on after turning it off to install some radiators. After struggling for a while, we decided to abandon the planned cuppa at their house and head for a cafe. The cafe was shut. And it began to rain.


But luckily – there was one small cafe, The Vanilla Bean, still open at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. Even more luckily, as they were so busy, they reopened an area in front of some large windows for us to sit in. These windows gave the most amazing light, so after a chat and a catch up (having not seen them since their booking meeting last year) I began to shoot in the cafe. I gave them some posing basics: 1) pretend I'm not here and try not to look straight at the camera; 2) always have two body parts touching; 3) keep looking happy and make each other laugh. And then we were off!


This shoot was featured in Brides up North.