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January 1, 2017

This blog post is for all you busy mums out there. All of you who are juggling work, kids, the house and anything else you are trying to fit into the far too short days of modern life. 


Those who spend their days in the office, their evenings being the children's taxi and the late nights just trying to keep on top of the washing so everyone has at least something to wear in the morning. I'm talking to those women who are still learning to accept the way their body has changed since becoming a mother, but know these things are a tiny price to pay for the children they have because of it. I'm talking to those who aren't quite sure when they last had a shower and are not quite sure how old the contents of their dusty make-up bag are.


Why am I talking to you? I'm talking to you because I am you.


I'm curious. In 2016, how many photographs were you actually in?  Will your children ask when they look at your family photographs, 'where was mum?'


So I am begging you, despite what you feel like, despite what you think you look like, despite the belly, and the bags under the eyes. Please, PLEASE don't always be the one taking the photograph - either on purpose so you don't have to be in it, or just because it's habit for you to be the one doing the snapping. Whilst we're at it, let's go beyond the odd posed selfie with your youngest in your PJ's and let's get some real photographs captured of you with your family. Photographs of you playing, singing, laughing, dancing, reading and all the other things you do with your beautiful children. Let's photograph that special bond you have with your daughter, that special game you play with your son. Let's remember the way you looked at them, and the way they looked up to you. Let's remember how small they were and the way their little hand fitted into yours. 


You probably won't like every photograph, but that's okay. 


You may even only like a few, or you may not like any but that is not what is important. Just think in 30 years time you will be looking at the photographs and seeing your younger self, maybe even wishing you still looked like that. Or perhaps it will be your children looking, because you are no longer here, thinking how beautiful their mother was, and being thankful they have these photographs to help them remember. 





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