I first met Vicki and Paul just after they had booked their Huddersfield-based wedding. They had just started wedding planning and were keen to share all their plans with me. They both love the 1920's and knew they wanted to take elements of a 1920's Victorian banquet and bring them into their wedding styling. They were having a small wedding of around 40 guests and wanted their guests to feel like they were at a dinner party. Their vision was absolutely perfect, as the renovations at The Old Golf House Hotel in Huddersfield complimented it perfectly. 


Vicki and Paul have both been married before and they each have a son and a daughter. When I first met them they planned on having no children at their wedding, however in the time it took to plan the wedding, they both became grandparents. Vicki's son now has a baby daughter and Paul's daughter now has a baby son. I am not going to lie, there was an odd moment where I would momentarily get confused, but otherwise, it was an absolute privilege to see these two families come together. 


Vicki had been quite nervous about being in front of the camera, but she soon got used to it at our pre-wedding shoot. I'm sure you will agree they both look amazing, and the wedding really was a beautiful day.