One of the most common questions I am asked is 'what do we wear to our photoshoot?' - so here is a guide to try and help you decide!


1. No brand names or strong patterns

This one is really important. Big logos or strong patterns will be distracting in the final images. They can make one person strongly stand out compared to the rest, or clash with the natural background. 



2. Try muted tones - nothing too bright

Soft and muted tones look lovely. Try and choose items of clothing that are each one solid colour but also compliment each other well. For example, a white top, black trousers and a grey coat. It is also helpful to choose a handful of colours to create a palette to dress your whole family in, for example, light blue, grey and cream. It might be that one or two people wear more of your chosen colour, and the rest just wear a little pop of it. These sorts of colours will compliment the colours in the natural environment. 



4. Practical clothes and shoes

Whilst, of course, you need to look nice, please be aware that you may well get some mud on your clothes or shoes. Therefore please do not dress yourself or your child in anything that you would be heartbroken to ruin. 



5. Plain socks

This may sound a silly one, but when sat down sometimes your socks can be seen, so please avoid any patterned ones. 



6. Layers

If your shoot is in autumn or winter, layers can look brilliant. Just make sure the tones are complimentary and do not clash. In winter, scarves and other knitwear can add a nice splash of colour and help to give the photographs a real seasonal feel. 



7. Seasonal

Wearing a little hint of seasonal colours can really help an image pop. For example, if your shoot is autumn, why not add a mustard to your muted tone palette. I would only include one or two seasonal colours at the most and keep the rest of the colours simple. 



Ideas for a pop of colour:

Autumn: Grey/brown

Winter: Red, Pale blue, Dark Green

Spring: Pastels - yellow, pink, light blue, 

Summer: Yellow, lilac, bright blue, white


8. Classic style

A classical/vintage look can really work well in outdoor images, rather than modern clothes such as jeans and t-shirts. But really this depends on your families style. 


9. Check out my Pinterest boards for inspiration!


Autumn: https://uk.pinterest.com/photographyanna/what-to-wear-autumn-photoshoot/

Winter: https://uk.pinterest.com/photographyanna/what-to-wear-winter-photoshoot/

Spring/Summer: https://uk.pinterest.com/photographyanna/what-to-wear-summer-photoshoot/


I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with - if you have any questions, please ask.