Chris & Alex's super chilled Woodman Inn wedding


Chris and Alex really wanted to give their guests a day they would remember at their Woodman Inn, Huddersfield wedding and I think they achieved just that. They refused to do any of the traditions that didn't work for them, and instead they rethought what a wedding day could look like. They had a beautiful ceremony in the grounds of The Woodman Inn, quickly followed by 4 group photos and then the rest of the day was as relaxed as relaxed can be. There were different surprises for their guests to enjoy all day, such as the bouncy castle, whilst others just popped popped up. One of the most popular was facepanting, which adults and children all enjoyed. This wasn't any normal facepaitning, but beautiful watercolour style facepaint art. A magician circled the crowds, and I could always tell where he was by the laughter and applause. Chris and Alex are not cake people - so they didn't have one. Instead they had a giant chocolate fountain with delicious treats. Music was a central part of this wedding, with a live band in the late afternoon, followed by two DJ's. The first was Dominic Halpin and the Honey B’s, and wow what an experience! They had so many people up dancing and came right out into the audience to play. The sound was phenominal the atmosphere was electric. After the sunset there was a brilliant light show as part of the DJ set, which was the perfect ending to this Woodman Inn marquee wedding.  

Here's what Chris and Alex had to say about their plans: 


How did you meet?

At work, Chris noticed me before I saw him!

Describe the proposal:
Going on holiday and Chris upgraded to first class, made me have my nails done and then proposed in the lounge.

What is your favourite and / or special thing about your venue?
he setting and closeness to my family :)

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding (apart from getting married!)?

The party!

The Woodman Inn Huddersfield